TOEFL Module

The Test of English as Foreign Language is an essential exam for entry into universities in the United States.   It not only opens up new prospects but also enhances the person’s employment opportunities.

The test is conducted every year to gauge the comprehensive understanding of English as a language among those students who wish to pursue higher education abroad. The exam tests reading, listening, speaking and writing skills of aspiring students.

TOEFL test is conducted throughout the year. Aspiring candidates can contact the nearest exam centre to schedule the date and time for test.  There are four sections such as listening, reading, speaking and writing over a duration of four and a half hours. The maximum score on the TOEFL is 120. The test is broken into four sections such as reading, listening, speaking, and writing for 30 points.

Our approach to TOEFL coaching

  • We offer a 4 week coaching schedule
  • Equal emphasis is given to all modules – listening, reading, speaking and writing
  • Classroom sessions give detailed insight into the four components
  • Comprehensive course material to help students with their preparation
  • Practice sessions are conducted with mock tests in real time at student’s convenience
  • Interactive coaching sessions include one-on-one guidance sessions
  • Doubt clearing sessions after completion of each assignment
  • Practice and homework are key elements to our program
  • The course provides the most complete and proven preparation in interactive small group settings.
  • Our course offer students practical choices that fit in to their busy schedules
  • Small batches with 4/5 students only

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